Back from Hiatus

After a long hiatus (ProGen kept me quite busy over the past 18 months), I’m back and ready to blog, with a new focus and a renewed perspective on genealogy. I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of content I’d like to feature here. I will continue to share some of my own family history and experiences in genealogy, as well as tips, strategies, genealogy-related news stories from other sources, and guest posts (contact me if you’re interested in writing a one).

Going forward, I also want to feature stories about migration and immigration. Migration is part of the human condition, and always has been. Our ancestors were always on the move, and our heritage and ethnicities are not static but rather long processes that have unfolded over time, despite geography, topography, and man-made boundaries. Each of us is unique as a result of that process. Genealogy is an exploration of the ancestral journey that brought us to this moment, but is also a reflection on the universality of that journey—a shared journey that should inspire empathy and understanding. I hope you’ll join me!

About Heather Dubnick

I'm a writer, editor, indexer, and researcher living in Beverly, Massachusetts.
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