Welcome to the Little Oak: Roots and Branches Blog!

Welcome to my family history blog. I have been fascinated with family history and genealogy since I was a little girl, but for a long time the effort to trace family lines uprooted by migration and conflict seemed quixotic. Then, about five years ago, I started researching my family history in earnest by taking advantage of the numerous resources now available online. More recently, I discovered the new possibilities provided by genetic genealogy and social media. I’m excited to share my experience with others and hope that this site will inspire you to explore your own family history.

About Heather Dubnick

I'm a writer, editor, indexer, and researcher living in Beverly, Massachusetts.
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2 Responses to Welcome to the Little Oak: Roots and Branches Blog!

  1. embauman says:

    I loved reading about your inspiration, your passion, and where you have taken it. It reminds me of something I read in The Element by Sir Ken Robinson.
    I too was frustrated by the “cold shoulder” I would receive upon asking for stories from grandma. For me it was all about the stories. During my childhood I loved books like Corrie Ten Boom’s story, Anne Frank, and Number the Stars. I was fascinated with the stories of families who faced those unfathomable dangers and challenges. I wondered about what my family may have faced…knowing only that they had left Europe…I wondered why and how it went for them. I felt she had no idea how much it would have thrilled me no matter how “nothing” (as she would say) it was. I never considered the fact that stories were not told because they might have been hard to tell. I feel bad for pestering her. When I was older, and asking, it still did not occur to me to empathize. I did, however, complain to her that I would not have the story to tell my own children. It did not occur to me she might not have stories because she
    was not given them. Thank you for bringing this to light.

  2. In our family the people who were directly effected were siblings or cousins of our great grandparents, who may not have had much information themselves about exactly what happened. So likely Grandma Rose didn’t have much concrete information. Eventually we may be able to find out, but first we have to trace back far enough in the family to find names to look up in the Shoah records, and that’s proving difficult for the Citron side of the family.

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